In this edited excerpt Olaf compares the orchestration of his complex shoots and the creation of his images of fantasy to the work of a film director. In the aftermath of 9/11 Olaf constructed several nostalgic photographic series depicting an"America" in the tradition of artist Norman Rockwell and 60's glamour. Olaf used this work to explore several psychological themes that commented on both the past and the present. Olaf also talks about what he values in portraits, describing how he captures intimate and candid images of his models while they are in character.

The full version of this talk is available on vimeo and on our multimedia section, divided in three different clips.

Aperture presented this Artist's talk by photographer Erwin Olaf on October, 21st, 2008 at Aperture Gallery.

Erwin Olaf is a commercial and fine art photographer. He graduated from the Utrecht School for Journalism, in 1980, with a degree in newspaper journalism and photojournalism. Olaf has earned several Silver Lions for his commercial work, which is increasingly sought after by magazines such as the New York Times Magazine and London Sunday Times. He is represented by Hasted Hunt, New York, and Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In 2008, Aperture released Erwin Olaf's self titled monograph bringing together for the first time three of the artist’s series—Rain, Hope, and Grief and the first book by Olaf to present a comprehensive look at his film work, through stills and a DVD that offers an overview of five of his movies, each related to the series featured in this book.

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