The problem with current bins is that they tend to have a fixed aperture, meaning they are either cylindrical/elliptical in shape (pedal bins) or rectangular (swing bins). By having fixed apertures creates the problem of consumers purchasing plastic bags that are oversized for the bins capacity. This further creates difficulties during the process of putting in a new bag and also creates an untidy and cumbersome appearance.

Introducing Luta™. An innovative kitchen bin for storing general household waste. The product has the ability to allow any sized plastic bag to be installed inside of it, from carrier bags to heavy duty refuse sacks. This is possible due the product’s unique triangular prism shape as well as the pivot mechanism between the door and the base moulding. The design features innovative bag clip mouldings mounted to the inside of the base and door mouldings. These components, together with the pivot provide the solution to help ease the task of removing excess air when placing in a new waste bag.

The product features two positions, the first being the storage mode and the second being the active mode. In the storage, mode the product has a reduced foot print in comparison to existing pedal bins and other waste receptacles, together with the advantage of holding more waste capacity. Whilst stored, the design features a strong closure around the door, providing the advantage of sealing in waste odours without the use of conventional lids. With the product having a flat back, means that it can be placed flush against the wall for a clean and minimal aesthetic.

The form produced when the product is in its closed position, creates a new experience between the bin and the user. Finally, the ergonomically designed handle provides the correct amount of user interaction whilst remaining hygienic and simple to use.

This product was showcased at the New Designers event 2014 as part of the University of Huddersfield Product Design stand.

Luta™. Lean a different way...

Patent pending. GB1410959.9

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