Hey, I wanted to share an early early progress report on the kids book I'm putting together. So here's me reading the entire text of my book (first draft) along with some concept art, page thumbnails, and whatever. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The intended age range for the book is going to be 2-4 year olds (and the adults who read to them). My goal, which was a little unrealistic, was to have the entire book (~50 pages) drawn, inked, and coloured by the end of June (this production date was pushed back a bit by the fact that I was in a motorcycle accident and injured my drawing arm, recovery is gradual). The pages will be 10"x10"—which is a solid size for a kids picture book. Once I get 3/4 of the pages in the can, I'll be doing a kickstarter to try to cover printing costs for an initial run of decent-quality hardcovers.

The kids and wife all seem to enjoy it. My son the night after hearing the story read was wandering around before bed trying in vain to enunciate "Monkess the Homunculus." It was all rather precious.

(Note: the opening explanatory text is 15 seconds, so if you're impatient and want to skip that, now you know how far to skip.)

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