I shot this with a Panasonic HVX200, in 2007. No AVATAR, as this a guerrilla flick, made for 33 thousand bucks, using my home equity line. Most of the money went to paying cast, set builders and effects. We also had hotel, gas and food expense, as we had to go to Utah. I could not get permits for Las Vegas, where we live. The movie is low on production value, but "BIG" on ideas!

Still seeking US distribution, though it has sold in Asia. I would love to recoup the budget, but the recession is making it very hard for all indies, let alone guerrilla efforts.

Supposedly some of the production team of JOHN CARTER OF MARS saw internet pics of EXILE's volcanic locations and have moved production to the same area (Fillmore, Utah). I composed the music entirely on a Korg OASYS (using its internal sequencer/recorder) and the Access Virus TI (running into the OASYS).

As a writer, director, some of my main influences have been STAR TREK, ALIEN and TERMINATOR, among others. I rely on personal experience to come up with stories. This was written with Heather always in mind for the part.

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