Weight loss is simply the reduction of the total body mass of a person. This may be due to loss of, body fat, fluids, lean muscle mass, or a combination of any of these.

Types of Weight Loss
Like with weight gain, weight loss is categorized as in-tentional weight loss and un-intentional weight loss.

Unintentional weight loss is, when the decrease in body weight is not voluntary and the person doesn’t try to lose weight. This is often caused by diseases, malnutrition, depression and other physical/psychological disorders.

Intentional weight loss is when you consciously try to lose weight due to any reason. It usually involves the loss of body fat through dieting, exercise or a combination of the two.

The major reason, why losing weight is important for overweight or obese people is, because it decreases risk for certain medical conditions. Studies indicate, that being overweight increases the chance of developing certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Losing weight can be very beneficial if you are suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol or sleep problems. Even a moderate loss of body weight up to 5 to 10% can help in reducing risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.

Weight Loss Programs
Aside from following a good weight loss diet, you should also incorporate regular exercise in your weight loss program. Exercise helps you burn calories, making it easier to create a daily caloric deficit. You should include weight training and cardiovascular exercise, in your exercise program for the fastest weight loss possible. Some studies found, that weight training increases the metabolism up to two days after your workout. Try to exercise three to five times a week. All you need is about 30-45 minutes per session.

The combination of a good weight loss diet and exercise program is the best solution for weight loss.

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