Another day, another quick test.

These were the first clips I shot with the A7S. Up until 1:30 its all in the APS-C crop mode using a generic EF-Nex adapter and a Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS lens. From there on its Full Frame mode on the Sony 24-70 f4.

It was all shot on the PP5 Cine4 profile with Black level raised to +5 and sharpness to -7. There are a few shots with some noise in the shadows mostly due to the APS-C crop mode and pushing the grade too much. I used 2 Impulz LUTs + Colorista and some RGB Curves which might be a bit too much for the 8bit clips to handle, but I was doing this fast and just applied the LUTs onto an adjustment layer in Premiere and did some individual clip tweaks later. I like the teal/orange look (sue me!) so tending towards that again.

Overall I love the image this thing produces. It really does look like a movie when you get things right. Rolling shutter is an issue, yes, but if you use an IS lens and/or a decent rig it won't be a big problem. APS-C mode makes it even less of a problem.

Feel free to download the ProRes LT file and tell me how much I suck at grading.

Music: 28 Ghosts IV - Nine Inch Nails

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