In collaboration with some of the nation's leading medical experts and trial attorneys who
specialize in"mild traumatic brain injury (mild TBI)," MediVisuals has developed an
animation that demonstrates how traumatic brain injuries can occur without a significant
blow to the head and without being evidenced on imaging studies.

Animated sequences based upon crash tests demonstrate the movements associated with a
sudden deceleration incident. Multiple other animation sequences explain the
anatomy involved and show the soft, fragile brain impacting on the hard and uneven inner
surface of the skull. The sequences demonstrate how multiple axonal injuries can occur
from the shearing forces.

MediVisuals will revise this animation to suit your case. Just call. With purchase of this
animation, you will receive a DVD (playable in a DVD player or in a DVD-ROM drive)
containing a clean copy of the animation. The "Sample" watermarks will be removed and
"your client's case name" as well as "© MediVisuals" will be unobtrusively placed in small
type along the bottom of the animation sequences.

If you have questions or would like to arrange for use of the animations, please contact Tara Rose at

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