The Lightning Magazine is an American counterculture magazine exploring fun-havery across various sub-cultures through immersion style journalism. It was founded as being the vital voice of a vibrant contemporary scene surrounding Lightning’s network of musicians, artists, and collaborators, with gonzo style articles written by artists, musicians, dirt bikers, gallerists, composers, architects, surfers, poets, and more.

In the first 112 page issue, post minimalist composer Rhys Chatham’s tells a first person account of the environment and energy of 60’s La Monte Young/Richard Serra Soho NY and how and why that energy moved to the 70’s Avant Garde East Village. Bill Daniel’s contribution picks up here with a photo essay and conversation about Austin Texas’ famed first punk venue Rauls’. The conversation with Aaron Rose covers the genesis of his Alleged gallery in New York in the 90’s that brought together the friends and DIY street artists of the Beautiful Losers art movement.

Rhys’ article ends in present day Williamsburg, where he discusses his collaborations with Oneida, seeing William Tyler play, and the now gone venue Monster Island - also covered in issue one as a multi artist photo essay put together by Andrew Deutsch with accompanying artwork by Maya Hayuk.

All these articles weave intimately with the Lightning Records Album releases. Fat Bobby from People of the North/Oneida discusses memories of Monster Island, and the progression of their studios, the latest Secret Project Robot being the recording location for the Lightning People of The North album. Wooden Wand’s James Toth contributes a hilariously insightful guide to songwriting, and Ohioan’s Ryne Warner writes an essay on Circle K, desert water rights, and the American Spirit Blues.

The first issue also offers additional conversations with Los Angeles based earth artist Katsuhisa Sakai, dirtbike artist Derek Gibson, bmx legend Scott Towne, car sculptor Jesse Sugarmann, desert architect Jesus Robles, gold miner Chris Entz and more.

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