For the 2014 BA exhibition, we were asked by London College of Fashion to design and build their final year exhibition space. The use of light as a framing tool was the focus this year’s theme. Our aim was to use light to create an interesting and diverse concept, without compromising on the communication of individual student’s work. The theme would also run into catwalk show, near by at The Yard. We created a 50 meter long lightbox display unit, which would snake and undulate throughout the exhibition space, at Factory 7.

Long boxes displayed smaller pieces of student’s work, whilst angular illuminated archways provided a space to display larger objects and accessories.

The illuminated panels provided a clean, simple and distinct display surface, which catered for all of the varying work.

To echo the BA exhibition, at Factory 7, we designed the catwalk for this years graduates from the London College of Fashion. We made a sound reactive animation that played on a 2.5 meter tall LED screen at the rear of the catwalk. The catwalk began with a thin beam of light and as the music started the screen flooded and pulsed with light, throughout the show.

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