In 'Unearth Hidden Assets through Community Co-Design and Co-Production', co-design and co-production were employed as means to uncover hidden assets and unlock their potential.

Four sub-projects were carried out in collaboration with communities in four different locations: Tidworth (Wiltshire), Shinfield Rise (Wokingham), Newcastle and Stoke-on-Trent.

All project explored how hands-on, creative activities including play, games and theatre, can be useful in attracting and engaging people, unearthing and unlocking assets, and in initiating positive changes within communities.

The Tidworth Mums: a case for soft play project used asset-mapping to visualise current assets and creative play engagement to build a network of play supporters to help build the case for soft play in Tidworth.

The Picture of Health project used cultural animation to identify physical and emotional barriers preventing people from taking a more active role in shaping public health services and to help them build the confidence to overcome their current obstacles.

The Shinfield Rise Engagement project employed various design tools and techniqests to help people recognise themselves as community assets and share ideas about how they wanted their neighbourhood to be a better place to live.

The Newcastle Reconfiguration of Assets project explored the history of community asset building in East and West Newcastle and the reconfiguration of assets for health working in the context of wider reconfigurations of community assets.

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