Quick test of the paint settings on the Sony FDR-AX1.
All footage was shot in 4K/60p at 150mbit/s and edited and exported at 4K/29.97.
I tested 2 paint settings..
the flat factory standard gamma setting, and the 'ready for delivery' Cinema1 gamma and Cinema Matrix.
I found that the Standard settings are best for color grading.. And the Cinema settings are really good if you are handing the rushes off to a producer that are ready to go color and contrast wise.
Also worth noting that I use 64gb Sony XQD N series cards and edited on FCPX
The XAVCs codec seems to hold up pretty well to the color grading I did to the last shot using FilmConvert.

Personally, I'll most likely shoot at 4K/30p (29.97) 100mbit/s instead of the higher 60p setting.. my computer is a bit older and deals with the lower bitrates better.. but if I'm shooting something I think I'll be slowing down in edit.. I'll shoot at 60p

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