3 months until Kona, it's starting to get serious.

I’ve been invited to write for 220Triathlon in the build up to both World Championship races. Following the 70.3 and IM I will also be giving a full race report. It is such a thrill to be able to share this journey with an even wider audience.

It is around this time of the preparation (12 weeks out), I am always happy I’ve taken a longer approach. I just find the 24 week preparation as an age grouper is far more realistic when juggling the day to day.

Of course you’re only really doing 16 weeks of ‘intense’ training, however having ‘banked’ that previous 8 weeks provides so much to build on and work with. It would be very rare that an age grouper would complete 90% or more of the program they set out to do, life just gets in the way.

16 weeks all up doesn’t leave much margin, taking into account a proper 3 week taper. That’s just my view.

I've introduced a few new products to my nutrition on longer sessions this week, the results haven't been great but you have to persist for a period of time to allow the body to adjust. These elements will be critical to the final 10km of the marathon, the part I most look forward to.

It took me at least 4 days to recover from my Saturday Half Marathon Trial. There's nothing quite like the sting of pure 100% effort running on concrete. Shins have really settled down for now.

Had a little push in my new HUUB swim skin, as Kona is a non-wetsuit swim, these are a perfect substitute. Impressive stuff, but I need to understand the suit better over the coming months. I need to unlock its full potential.

Riding is coming along OK, this simply won't be where I want it until October 11th. No panic here.

Biggest session of the week was on Saturday morning, a 110km ride - 24km run. Felt strong, lacked pace. Over 3000 ft of hills on the ride may have contributed here, plus my focus was elsewhere that day. But got it done.

During the coming week starting Monday I'll keep a work/training dairy. I often get asked how I squeeze it all in, I think people will be surprised. It just comes down to dedication.

Head down, eyes forward.

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