The manual says "If you shoot a movie under fluorescent lighting, the movie image might flicker."

I shot this at a scooter shop that has 4 large fluorescent lights. I noticed these weird darken lines going thru the screen and I wondered what those were. If you adjust your shutter speed to 30, 40, 50, 60 they might go away. I was seeing these while shooting in high shutter speeds like 125 and higher.

I don't currently own the 7D or 5D Mark ii but I have now read about similar experiences of fluorescent banding.

In my sample clips you can see bad examples of banding striping the image but in the last clip of the blue Lambretta sign with the lights you will see I was able to shoot the lights without getting the weird side effects. Also the last clip also shows I was able to shoot under the same light and correctly get my shot without the banding.

Hopefully if you see these stripes while shooting in fluorescent lights you will be able to correct your shutter speed and get your shots with out banding.

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