Ella Batten is an amazing girl with an amazing vision. Get to know a little bit about her and her incredible story.

What do you love, love, love doing?

I love being creative; I love people; I love dancing; I love music; I love laughter; and I love making a difference!

What is your creatribution?

My creatributionTM is the conception and organization of a fundraising event that features local performance groups. The event is called OneNight for 1Day and is an opportunity for our community to come together, celebrate performance arts, and become educated about imagine1day and the work they do in Ethiopia.

What did you learn, discover, or achieve through your creatribution?

I am learning how to budget and plan an event, discovering how well intentioned most people are while achieving a sense of satisfaction as I work with people who are like-minded in their passion for children's education and creativity.
What about imagine1day is most important to you?

I love the concept of community and imagine1day's philosophy that contributions are not limited to monetary donations, but include time, energy, connections, creativity and participation.

What is something you have learned that you NEVER knew before imagine1day?

When you're passionate about creating change, others become inspired by your cause and form a support network to help reach your goal. Community is a powerful and beautiful force, one that is so much larger then our personal contacts; we can affect the lives of people we will never meet, in ways we will never fully know.

Why did you choose imagine1day?

Because they're awesome! More specifically because imagine1day puts 100% of proceeds from creatributionsTM towards projects in Ethiopia, they encourage creativity and community, and they work towards attainable goals that are beneficial to the community as a whole.

Finish this sentence: imagine1day...

When we can look back, and say, "see? We changed the course of history."

Join our facebook page to learn more: facebook.com/imagine1day

Check out other creatributions at: imagine1day.org

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