Director: Adei Özer Añorga  / Camera: Berkcan Mantas  Sound: Adil Khan / Cast: Adei Özer Añorga, Jesaja Bednarz, Özgür Demir, Maximiliane Mihajlovic und Maliyah Marija Nana-Yaa Aikins. Video from DIRECT APPROACH, a collaborative workshop by Stine Marie Jacobsen, 2014.

Direct Approach is a project based on conversations about violence in film and reality. With the use of film as a conversational tool, the project is created to engage people in conversations about violence, taboos and ethics. Participants are asked to describe from their memory the most violent film scene that they have ever watched. Then they are asked to choose one of the characters from the film scene: victim, perpetrator and bystander. The conversations are manifested in ‘statements on violence’, film posters and videos.

Direct Approach was tested for the first time in cooperation with District Kunst – und Kulturförderung and in collaboration with Gangway in a 6 month workshop for young people in Berlin between 13-25 years old. The young participants are producers of interview conversations, film posters, videos and an exhibition. Their statements and developed perspectives on how identities are defined within discourses of violence are opened for a broad public reflection in an exhibition in District from July 5 to September 21, 2014.

To read the interview conversations and film posters visit the official Direct Approach website:

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