Download at - gridautosporthack.blogspot.com/
What is this? It's a trainer, I'm planning on adding more features into this trainer, so it would no longer be a simple trainer, but would give you ability to actually edit things and not -train- you to play.

- Alien Tech Mode - I couldn't think of a better name, this turns your car into a super car, adding more acceleration, brakes, handling, grip ..etc
- Online Cash - Money - Adds 100000 cash with each hotkey press
- Online - Multiplayer XP (experience) - Adds 10000 experience into each category (Touring, Open Wheel, Tuner, Street, Endurance) total of 50000 Boost
- Weight - Allows you to increase or decrease your vehicle weight (increasing gives you more grip)
- Online Global level - rank - By adding experience, you will also gain global and category levels and YES it will unlock garage slots.

Works online (Multiplayer)

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