Secrets of the physical game

More than $85.9 billion spent on relief from back and neck pain through surgery, doctor's visits, X-rays, MRI scans and medications. It would be remiss of me to address strengthening the abdominals (previous article) and not do a following up on the lumbar spine. After all, in my line of work, it is the body part that needs the most attention.

The key is prevention!
It’s very simple, yet how is it that 300,000 Americans have surgery for herniated disks with costs running around $10,000 per operation?

Alternative measures, such as strengthening and conditioning the protective muscles surrounding the spine are a heck of a lot better than waiting for debilitating pain to strike.

Here’s the deal …
I'm gonna give you a couple exercises; it’s up to you to do them.
Here’s my promise:
They work! ONLY if you are committed to doing them on a daily basis.

Here are the exercises:
a. Prone, single-leg extension (beginner)
b. Prone, double-leg extension (intermediate)
c. Prone, double-leg and neck extension (advanced)
a. Torso flexion
a. Torso flexion

I understand it takes a bit of a commitment to make these movements part of your daily or weekly regime. I also understand that this “promise” may not be enough. So, let’s figure out how to move you into action and get to the affirmation of
“YES! I will do it!”

Here are some motivational points to build up the back:
1) Pain! Usually the “master-motivator”
2) Fun! Can't play when in pain
3) Sex! Need I say more?
4) Medication! (Drugs) May be the #3 leading cause of death in USA
5) Productivity – pain distracts you from thinking clearly
6) Geriatric – you may be young, but back pain makes you feel OLD
7) Kids – can't play or pick them up
8) Energy – pain is a drain!

- Two or three days a week
- Preferably in the morning
- 10 to 20 repetitions

Only YOU can make your spine fine!
(That was dim-witted, huh? Had an uncontrollable urge to be silly)

So, who’s on board?
And why?
(Because I want to know what motivates you)

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