Good farmers are born with a sense of responsibility flowing deep in their veins. They have a duty to the animals in their care, to the laws of nature that sustain them and to the people all over the world who buy their produce.

In a world where those responsibilities can so easily be obscured by the pursuit of profit, Kumanu re-establishes their primacy.

Kumanu comes from the language of New Zealand Maori. It means to tend, to foster, care for and cherish. Raising lamb the Kumanu way is not an easy path to take, but it makes for happier, healthier animals and lamb that’s natural, healthy and delicious.

This is the story of Kumanu lamb

Special thanks to our partners Schoonderwoerd Vlees, ANZCO Foods, NZ Beef & Lamb, Farm Quality Group

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Filmed by Arvid Eriksson

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