This is especially for those that operate under the assumption everyone knows everything. Which smells like an Obama/Barry supporter...

The video is for the ignorant void of (or exposed to) any sense of moral decency that give the JJ show their full attention (like MTV fans). This is to help those who cannot make change for a dollar in their head to save their own life! Want your change back a different way than the cash register says, throw change on the counter at McDonalds WATCH THE PANIC BEGIN!!!

25% of all Americans are beyond stupid with lesser degrees of stupid until you get to those WHO DO NOT SING the tune gee if I only had a brain. I did this for those of the US education system that could not pass a US citizenship test given to immigrants, and/or be tested to have at least a 4th grade education level, otherwise being featured on Jay Leno's Jaywalking all-stars

You see I am informing the 1000's upon 1000's of US young people that are being conditioned by these type of shows (who THINK it is REAL and ask me over and over with that mindset is it real despite an elusive disclaimer at the end of the show). Otherwise, the video simply states you cannot win or lose; the show is a "fraud" and "abusive" to show participants,

[Disorder in the Court? 'Judge Judy' Show Sued Two Former Producers File Separate Lawsuits Against Court Show, Claiming Discrimination. Two longtime employees of a hard-driving boss claim their office was a toxic work environment rife with discrimination and that they were fired because they complained about it, still in the courts].

I got paid beyond the appearance fee etc., etc. EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO AFTER SIGNING THE CONTRACT.

It's I've seen what most have no clue. Also people have contacted me to tell me their story who have also been on the show that were clearly wronged by someone only to be wronged by Judge Judy and/or her production staff (regardless It's her name on the show).

I am stating MY experience of the behind the scenes FRAUD etc., that I witnessed. I am informing those unsuspecting souls (innocent people) who may appear, that Judy through unprovoked EVIL may attack you and makes her money by going after both the "innocent" & guilty as in (deserved or not) for financial Ill-gotten gains.

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