XXXX Magazine creative director, Indira Cesarine, interviews artists and galleries at SCOPE MIAMI art fair in December 2009. Interviews with contemporary artists include BLAKE & BRUNO from Sweat Shoppe, YIGAL OZERI & STEPHANIE GUTHEIL with Mike Weiss Gallery, Anonymous Gallery / artist DAVID ELLIS, Artist CHRISTY LANGER of Christopher Katz Gallery, KARIM HAMID of Aureus Contemporary and artist KRELLE LEVY.

Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw have created a new multimedia performance that functions amidst the intersection of art, music and technology. This dynamic duo develops software to construct a unique interactive performance seeking to affect the audience in a unique way. Electronic music blasts while the performance places it's emphasis on sound reactive visuals, interactive installations and guerilla technologies augmenting public spaces are all part of the Sweat Shoppe project. Both artists remain anonymous to the public by only being interviewed in masks.

Born into a family surrounded by music, it seems only natural that David Ellis would walk down a path that involved music and the arts. Ellis creates paintings that are recorded in a form of time-lapse animation that he fondly refers to as "motion painting". This type of painting is the perfect forum for collaboration with other artists as well as spontaneous and improvisational solo works. By working on walls in spaces that are open to the public he invites viewers to be part of the creation process much like that of a street band playing for the public that passes by. You can view Ellis's works at Anonymous Gallery in New York City.

Zurich, Switzerland based artist couple Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz have been creating art together since 2000. This year they presented an truly unique installation at the 2009 Scope Art Fair in Miami. The installation was a cinematographic sculpture depicting a man in a wheelchair with casts covering the majority of his body and a projected visual of his face with such a realist quality one begged to question if it was a sculpture or a real person. Both Magdalena and Daniel experiment with many mediums of art including sculpture, photography, drawing and film. Their works have been shown internationally at Galeri Gas, Turin; Palazzo Ramo Malipiero, Venice; Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Aftrica; Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery, Zurich just to name a few.

German based painter Stefanie Gutheil had several of her artworks featured at this years Scope Art Fair in Miami. Gutheil has a unique take on the world and depicts "stories" from her daily life on the canvas. Her self described style is a mix of " comic book and expressionism". Grotesque and fascinating creatures are featured in all of her works, representing humans in disguise; "they are the monsters we all have inside of us". Dark and fascinating, her style is appreciated by many collectors; when she made her US debut at the Scope booth of the Mike Weiss Gallery, 14 of the "Kopftheater" series sold within four days. You can view Stefanie's paintings at the Mike Weiss Gallery In New York City.

Beautifully crafted works of resin, fiberglass, styrofoam, string and oil paint depict birds, dogs and horses atop fake snow. The animals hang from nearly invisible wire floating above the room while others are affixed to the wall. Langer has a true talent for creating visually striking presentations. Her work can be seen at the Christopher Katz Gallery in Toronto.

English Born Karim Hamid has been focusing on presenting media superficiality and the human condition in his paintings starting back since 1995. Though much of Hameed's imagery is distorted it is quite apparent that he finds inspiration in the process by which the female figure is objectified by the male gaze. Inspired visually by artist Francis Bacon, he utilizes images from pop culture to present this image of the objectified female in a highly exaggerated and explicit way. There is a depth and seriousness to his work that needs no words to explain the message he is portraying. " While the imagery is often distorted or exaggerated in my work, also expect my work to express itself within its own polemical and painterly distortion of that distortion. It is about the thing/person being observed, as well as the method of being observed". Hamid has shown works at galleries such as: Witzenhausen Gallery, NYC; Mobus Gallery, London; Brighton International Festival, England; Terrain Gallery, San Jose, CA; Artforum International, just to name a few.

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