491 for all who have eyes to see
2Co 6:16 What agreement can there be between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God
SYNOPSIS: There are events that have been set in motion that can not be stopped by man. Only the King of all kings can stop things now. What amazed me so much this week was the attitude of many secular Jews and the christian church. How they really did not pay much attention to the prophetic events happening before their own eyes. For when you have eyes to see, you will understand what is so important about the number 4.

SECTION 1: YOU ARE THE TEMPLE. If I am the temple what happens if I get defiled? We will take a close look at our friends in Corinth to see what Rabbi Sha’ul told them. We will then rightly divide the word to get the truest understanding of this second letter to the baby Congregation in Corinth. This section will provide a much needed understanding of how we become the temple of Yehovah.

SECTION 2: COULD YOU STAY AWAKE FOR ONE HOUR. Why did Yeshua ask His talmidim to stay awake for a time to pray with Him? How often in all of the Gospels does Yeshua ask for His students to pray for Him? How does Yeshua asking His talmidim tie together with Shimshon and Delilah? How does that tie together with the ten virgins and their oil?

SECTION 3: EYES TO SEE. Why has this war begun in Israel. What is the meaning of this? Once you understand the number four you will be amazed at how Yehovah works.

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