Here's the EPK I directed/produced/edited for Rufus Wainwright's forthcoming album ALL DAYS ARE NIGHTS: SONGS FOR LULU

Myself and crew were invited to film Rufus as he prepared his latest album in NYC. I was also lucky enough to interview Rufus (seen in all vids) and I also filmed/edited a photo shoot - here's the link to that vid.

All of this was really on the fly - and we really had to move about as quietly as possible - as I didn't want to hinder his creative process. He was extremely patient with us. I was able to create 9 short vids in all.

All shot on a 5D Mark II

Special thanks to Rufus, everyone at MCT Management and Decca Records and my DP - Ben Jacks!

Location sound by Dimitri Tisseyre and also Shawn Axman.


SEE his beautiful studio performance/recording of ZEBULON

See ALL of my Rufus VIDS HERE!

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