What a lot of people don't understand is that many of these children who are not able to go to school, actually WANT more than anything to go to school. We are SO privileged here in America that it is a law we attend school, and most kids take it for granted. I've seen the impact a good education has on these impoverished children, and that is why I decided to sponsor Diana after attending Camp Life. These kids DESERVE a chance to learn and to grow up and become educated leaders of society; a privilege we often don't realize is practically handed to us here in America. Let these girls get that same opportunity.

For only $44/month, YOU could greatly change the life of one of my beautiful Zambian girls I got the pleasure of hanging out with this summer at Camp Life Zambia.
Sponsoring basically means you will be paying for them to attend one of Family Legacy's private Christian Academies. The fee also takes care of their school supplies, books and uniform.

PLUS they send you letters which is the most adorable thing ever am i right???

To learn more about Father's Heart Sponsorship Program please visit

Thank you and God Bless!

All video and editing done by Jamie Buchsbaum

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