If you want to do some weight-lifting in space, be sure to know about the gravity law...

Video made for a contest on zooppa.com


Philips new Shaver Series 9000 is so innovative it can deliver the perfect shave no matter what the contours or your face or what angle your hairs grow at.

To bring this to life we have set ourselves the challenge of delivering the perfect shave in space.

Doing pretty much anything in space is a challenge, except shaving thanks to Philips.

Your mission is to show your attempt at a space challenge in a 30 second film (maximum) or photo.

Would you...
Try playing the drums
Boil the perfect egg
Attempt to go fishing
Play 5 aside football with your friends

This is your opportunity to explore the sensational experience of travelling to outer space. The sky is no longer the limit, reach for the stars.

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