Our current Capoeira Project involves a number of fantastic things. The first being the A-Zs of capoeira video. We shot the first letter today, not of the alphabet, but of our sessions. It happens to be the letter "P" - P for Ponte Suspensa. Capoeira being a Brazilian martial art, the movement names are in Portuguese. Ponte Suspensa is translated as a suspended bridge. We worked with Samuel Smith, known as Camara in the capoeira world. He is an amazing capoeirista, training most of his life, since childhood, with Mestre Eclilson De Jesus of Aché Brasil. He does some of the most incredible moves that leave you in wonder! Camara was great to work with, patience with camera and lighting technicalities and performing that difficult move again and again, over and over without the tiniest complaint!

The Capoeira Project is dedicated to the martial art of capoeira for its beauty and grace! Capoeira has given us so much in terms of fitness, teamwork, confidence and ability. Whatever your sport of choice is, you must agree that it has undeniable positive contributions to you as a person. Sport is a hugely beneficial activity for all of us and has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire! This is why we are giving a soccer ball for every hoody sold to a child in need of some sport! The hoody Camara is wearing in the video is for sale and available at mantarei.myshopify.com/products/capoeira-project-hoody

This is just a teaser, stay tuned for the other 25 letters!

Read more at mantarei.com/2014/07/what-is-the-capoeira-project/

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