Set in a primary school classroom, "Senior Infants" revolves around a group of teachers who have been forced to come in and participate in a series of ‘team building’ exercises (anyone who has ever taken part in such exercises would be forgiven for thinking that the film is in fact a horror movie) much to their chagrin. After an initial (as well as excruciating) game of ’20 Questions’, the team leader moves on to the crux of the assembly; revealing the anonymously written secrets of the group. When one particularly interesting secret (perhaps ‘piece of gossip’ would be more appropriate a term here) is revealed, a proverbial witch hunt begins and it’s every teacher for themself as suspicion rises and tempers flare.

KRANK.IE short film of the week:

Written by Kevin Fox and Diarmuid Hayes.

Directed by Diarmuid Hayes.

Produced by John McKeowns at the Sixsem Production Company

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