Story of this little test clip.

This morning I left the house with my GX7 and a lens I had prepared for a b-roll shot I had been missing. It turned out that I forgot an adapter which made the lens unmountable.

Too late and too far from home I decided to visit a photo store I knew was in vicinity of my shoot location. I did not wanna spend much so I told the guy to sell me the cheapest 50mm he currently has in store. He smiled and pulled out a beat up Rikenon 50mm 2.0 for M42 mount; a very tired 1960's lens. The rubber for pulling focus was missing, no front or back caps :). The price tag was 7$. I said "I WILL TAKE IT". Luckily I had my cheapo M42 adaptor with me so it all made sense !

I managed to get the shot I needed and while enjoying the lens so much I went shooting some more.
The thing blew me away in terms of sharpness , contrast and color rendition.
Later today I did some reading on this little gem. Some claim this lens to be the sharpest piece of glass ever made for 35mm format. I take it with a big grain of salt but it kinda made me think.

Anyways. Here are some shots from GX7 and a 7$ lens.
Thanks for reading and watching.

AUDIO BY : Jessie Ware - Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)

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