Check out Pastor Libby's submission for our first ever, WiRED Movie Fest!

"Jesus Chick" is a parody to "Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church" and has been written and produced in the USA by Mark Bradford. From the CD "Love on the Cross" - The Puppet Factory UK. 2009.

Director: Caleb Gerdes
Videographer: Caleb Gerdes
Editor: Caleb Gerdes
Co-Director: Libby Gerdes

Production Assistants: David Gerdes, Steve Widmere, Ryan Donoho, Bobby Donoho, Kevin Kramer

The Band:
Misty Kalbfleisch - Back-up Singer
Patty Dame - Back up Singer
Polly Hulsey - Back up Singer
Kim Eskeldson - Saxophone
Gail Peterson - Trumpet
Ondrea Kelso - Trumpet
Stephanie Dalyrumple - Piano
Linda Widmere - Drummer
Libby Gerdes - Lead Lip sync
Sara Click - Extra/ Bounce House
Leslie Dame - Extra/Duck Girl

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