Video by Penfield TV - Chairman Allyn "AJ" Hetzke presiding
00:00:07 Work Session
00:16:15 Public Hearing Opening Statements
00:17:24 Hearing #1
Ed Martin, P.E., LandTech Surveying & Planning, P.L.L.C, 3708 St. Paul Boulevard., Rochester, NY 14617/ Dr. Lawrence Giangreco requests under Article IX-9-2 of the code for Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval for the construction of a 3,000 +/- sq. ft. dental office with associated improvements located at 1285 and 1289 Creek Street on a total of 1.00 +/- acres. The property is now or formerly owned by Creek Street LLC and is zoned GB. Appl# 14P-0014 SBL#’s 093.15-1-55 and 093.15-1-50

00:32:45 Hearing #2
T.Y. Lin International, 255 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604/ Nicholas D’Angelo requests under Articles III-3-10, VIII-8-2, and IX-9-2 of the Code and Town Law 278 for preliminary and final Cluster Subdivision and Site Plan approval as well as Environmental Protection Overlay District (“EPOD”) permit approval for the construction of an 11 lot single family residential cluster subdivision, on 13.31 +/- acres located at 1469 Jackson Road. The property is now or formerly owned by Nicholas D’Angelo and is zoned RR-1. Appl# 14P-0015 SBL# 109.02-1-12.1

Adjournment - Recess
01:04:50 Work Session Deliberation

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