From the bride:

Why you choose to do a bridal boudoir shoot?

I chose to do a boudoir shoot because I honestly didn't know what to get my husband as a wedding gift. I wanted something that he would cherish for the rest of our lives but not have it be a "physical" item that would eventually make its way into a box in the attic. We had met and hired Angie for our wedding and instantly became buds. Since her specialty was boudoir, she asked me if I was interested. I had never even really given it thought before. I am traditionally a bit on the conservative side and when I thought of "boudoir" I thought of really scandalous pictures, nudity, and being exposed. So we talked about it and I looked at her work and realized that this was NOT the case. It clicked that this would be an AWESOME wedding gift for my husband. He would never expect me, of all people, to do something like this. It was a gift that he would love and cherish and... not end up in the attic. It was also a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and take ownership of myself image and feel confident in my own beauty which is a great thing to do before your wedding day.

What you loved about the shoot?

Everything.... Our 1940's pin-up theme, getting my hair and makeup professionally done (The Makeup Movement ended up doing my wedding makeup too). Having the shoot also captured on video (Different Cloud Imagery). What I loved most was feeling beautiful in my own skin. Of course, I was nervous at first but Angie made it so fun and relaxing and like it was no big deal. Her funny giggles and way she goes about making you smile honestly really captured my natural expressions. It became not only a gift to my husband but a gift to myself, which was confidence.

Meaningful, silly or cool details involved?

Since we had a classy (not-to-exposed) pin-up theme, I thought it would be really fun to shoot it at my Aunt's house in Danville. The house sits on gorgeous property with a great backyard, a barn, and deck with wonderful views. My aunt has very good taste and designed the house (complete remodel). It is immaculate inside. It has a modern-antique feel. Soft yellow and green colors with dark red accent walls. But what was really special was the antique bathtub she has in the master bathroom. I thought it would be perfect to tie into our theme. It was also really special to me that I got to shoot it at my aunt's house. Angie had also brought this beautiful antique feather which made a fun prop to get some "mysterious" shots!

Tips for women considering their own shoot?

Boudoir can be whatever you want it to be. You don't need to be a Victoria's Secret model to do this. Own your beauty and feel beautiful before your wedding day too! Do what makes you feel comfortable, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and do it because every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way. I was never topless, and was pretty much covered up and I still felt sexy, and looked sexy. Every time I look at those pictures, I am reminded of how confident I felt that day and how beautiful I am in my own unique way. Don't be afraid to show this to your husband, and maybe even the world! You will surprise yourself. It's fun and my husband couldn't have been happier with the result. He was blown away! And that, for me, what the icing on the cake for the overall experience was just amazing.

A few more details: Vintage feather is from Paris, the corset, black shorts, suit case and perfume bottle are also vintage.


Photographer and wardrobe styling: Angie Capri Photography

Hair & Make Up: The Makeup Movement

Behind the Scenes Video: Different Cloud Imagery

Veil: Kinsley James Bridal Couture

Venue: Rachel's aunt's home in Danville, CA

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