Life-size moulage of a head inspired by a wax model workshop held by well known sculptor Eleonor Crook, London, during the Amsterdam Weekend of Anatomy at the Vrolik Museum of the Amsterdam Medical Center in May 2014.
The Amsterdam Weekend of Anatomy was realized by Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York, and curator Laurens de Rooy of anatomical Museum Vrolik AMC, Amsterdam..
Life-size front of a white male face with real human hairs and medical glass eye. Right half flayed, fixed on a wooden plate in the traditional way with cloth-bound face.
Bleached wax and Schmincke Mussini artists oil paint.
Artist: Sasha Lalic

Museum Vrolik, Amsterdam :
Eleonor Crook, London :
Morbid Anatomy Museum, New York :

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