Written by Denisa Vítová . Music composed by David Julyan, published by Eaton Music courtesy of the Music Sales Group. This poem was written in response to the theme of 'Moving' for a Poetry Society/Cape Farewell Collaboration


Melting icebergs and disappearing rainforests – climate change is affecting us now and we must respond. Cape Farewell, an organisation that challenges audiences to think differently about climate change and the natural systems we inhabit, has teamed up with the Poetry Society's Young Poets Network on the SWITCH: Youth Poetics programme (capefarewell.com/switch) to create four unique poetry soundscapes that immerse the audience in the beauty and vulnerability of our planet. Selected by poet Helen Mort from hundreds of entries submitted by young poets from across the UK and beyond, the four winning poems respond to the realities and challenges of our changing environment.

These four pieces have been set to their own unique score by Hollywood composer David Julyan, who has written and produced the soundtracks for huge box-office hits such as Memento, The Cabin in the Woods, Insomnia and Eden Lake.

The four winning poetry scores are: ‘Tigerless’ by Rachel Lewis, 18, London; ‘How We Left’ by Denisa Vítová, 19, Switzerland; ‘Lines of Memory’ by Theo Lewis, 18, Wiltshire and ‘Emberman’ by Nat Norland, 16, Cambridge.

The Copyright in the Musical Work vests solely in the Composer. Each Work will be owned 50/50 by the Composer and the author of the Text embodied into each Work.

Copyright @ the authors, 2014

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