‘Pages of Hope’ is the work of an international musical trio with close links to Bristol. It features the rap lyrics of Lines of Faith’s Danny Raphael and Mohammed Yahya, coupled with powerful contributions from Canadian singer songwriter Dawud Wharnsby.

ITV WEST (Bristol) talks to Lines of Faith’s Danny Raphael and Mohammed Yahya about the song.

To hear this song in full, visit the Radio Salaam Shalom website, online at:

The HMD theme this year was ‘Legacy of Hope’ – a perfect fit with the song title and with the reality of pages in the teenager’s famous diary. Tel Aviv-based Jewish rapper Danny Raphael sings the voice of Anne while Mozambican Muslim Mohammed Yahya responds with the voice of someone alive in today’s world. Dawud Wharnsby’s melodic and infectious chorus focuses on the fragility of the separation for those in the tiny hidden rooms in Amsterdam during World War 2. This was where Anne Frank and seven other people hid for two and half years before being found and sent to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps.

This project was developed in Bristol by Salaam Shalom after visitors to last year’s “Anne Frank [+ you}” exhibition at Bristol Cathedral were asked to write their thoughts on leaves which they attached to the exhibit’s ‘Hope Tree’. Sone of these words were then incorporated by the musicians into their lyrics.

“We commissioned the song as a reminder that we have the power within us all to turn the page, to move on from tragedy into a more positive place. It is an absolute pleasure to work with these talented artists from the Muslim and Jewish communities around the world, and to share their work with everyone as we approached Radio Salaam Shalom’s Third Anniversary” (Radio Salaam Shalom Station Manager, Kyle Hannan)

A special voice-only version of the track will be made available for intercultural music collectives around the world to remix. These are to be included on an album of Muslim-Jewish music for release under the JAMS (Jewish and Muslim Sessions) label later this year on the anniversary of Anne’s Frank’s birth.

Radio Salaam Shalom would like to thank everyone who’s provided support for this amazing project, including Rolls Royce PLC, the Pierian Centre, Bamjimba Productions and a faith project grant from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

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