Slow mo is hard work! It took me 2 weeks to get this to work in Premiere Pro CS4. Everyone says to set the cam at 60i, 2000 frames a sec. Easy enough. But to get it to work on a computer is a pain in the ass. If you shoot in 60i with a Vixia it converts into 30p automatically. So you cant get true 60i Native footage out of the camera. So after a lot of testing I figured out a simple way to create slow motion with the Vixia HF S10 using Adobe software.

Camera Settings

I looked at a lot of slow motion footage online and it took forever :) Bad joke. I found some footage of different slow motion captures. 60i and TV mode, 60i and AV mode, and 60i and Sport mode. I noticed that the 60i Sport mode was the best. So I set my camera to the settings an shot some Roscoe footage.

Import and Conversion

Next, I imported the footage from the camera into a folder called raw footage. I then converted the footage using a popular program call CinForm NeoScene. You can download a 7 day trial at this link.
You can find a cheaper version online if you look around. In NeoScene/Prefs I set my output to Maintain Source Frame Format. Set quality to Low for testing. Then set your Target Output folder. I created a new one called converted. Select your footage and hit start.


Now start up After Effects CS3 or CS4. Do not create a new comp. Import the converted footage. Right click on footage and go to Interpret Footage/Main. Go to the Fields and Pulldown. On the pulldown in Separate Fields set to Upper Field First. Turn on Preserve Edges. Click OK.
Now drag the clip on to the Create a new Composotion button. The clip will pop into the timeline. Now select the clip in the timeline and right click and select Time/Time Stretch. Enter 300% or whatever number you want. Select OK. After you do this the clip will stretch. Its a good idea to select what area you want to render with the work bar. Now render a lossless AVI file.

Wrap It Up

Now you have a slow mo AVI movie but you need to Deinterlace the movie. Open up Premiere Pro CS3 or 4. Create a Sequence. In PRPRO4 I select AVCHD 1080i30 (60i). In CS3 you can set these settings in the custom panel. Now import the slow mo clip. Select it and go to Clip at the top of the screen and select Video Options/Field Options. Select Always Deinterlace. BAM!
Thats it. Now go to File/Export/Media and create a movie.

If anybody has a better way of doing this with the Vixia bring it on. Thanks for viewing. :) Coleman

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