June 19, 2014 - August 31, 2014

"An exhibition of spatial interventions reflecting on the inquiry of scale.

Historically, Los Angeles as a city has been a site of inspiration and exploration for architects and designers alike. The city has been developed around and defined by a variety of large-scale urban planning projects as well as medium and smaller sized residential and public work Including housing, product design and technological Innovations, through these various architecture and design projects, the city has nurtured experimental pursuits and critical inquiry and today it continues to expand in the contemporaneous city."

For this exhibition, FIELDWORK presents "OPEN DOOR", an installation about a time in our city's history that is hardly common knowledge.

By exploring scale as it relates to perceptions of social acceptance, how boundaries are created, and how cities are shaped, we present a historic lens on place and sexuality
particular to downtown Los Angeles.

audio excerpts from interview w/ Nancy Valverde.
found archive footage and images of Downtown L.A. from 1920s - 1940s

more info:

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