To us, a video cannot be specifically set to an accurate duration for the sake of being it. As we never actually really know what the day's content will entail. Harley & Jolene's is one perfect example.

We had never met a more paired up entourage of groomsmen & bridesmaids for the day, which actually allowed for more fun & extreme reactions from both parties. Everyone knew each other, thus, there was no barriers for the morning during their gatecrash. We documented what we could while in the midst of laughing along with them as well - despite the 22 people group, not including Harley & Jolene themselves.

We always believe in natural moments, with minimal direction given - which was well given to us from the gatecrash all the way to the end of the day - their lovely sunset evening ROM. Harley had told us "hush-hush" about his vows & we were surprised but yet left him on his own to do his thing.

Both of them had such witty & sincere vows to each other - which showed a lot of their own personality to all their friends & family attending the dinner. We shall not blurb on, watch on & clap along with them!

Once again, glad to have been a part of your day - Harley & Jolene! We wish you both a wonderful marriage filled with lots of laughters to each other & "Always be each others' baby!" :D

Rekord Haus Team


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