This is the city of Bath, the Bath of today and the Bath of the past. Made to show our children where we will live from August onwards.

Music is 'Shchedryk' under the CC license by Magnatune.

This is a Ukrainian song about the new year to come. Here's an English translation:

Shchedryk, shchedryk, a shchedrivka
A little swallow flew [into the household]
and started to twitter,
to summon the master:
"Come out, come out, O master [of the household],
look at the sheep pen,
there the ewes are nestling
and the lambkin have been born
Your goods [livestock] are great,
you will have a lot of money, [by selling them]
if not money, then chaff: [from all the grain you will harvest]
you have a dark-eyebrowed [beautiful] wife."
Shchedryk, shchedryk, a shchedrivka,
A little swallow flew.

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