Kitchen Budapest supports young talents and their great ideas. Twice a year, anyone with a experimental idea and an enthusiastic team behind it can apply to the Talent program, the six-months-long incubation program for idea development. The Demo Day is the so-called "graduation night" for the talent teams where they present their projects in front of the public.

KIBU's Telent program is ideal for young talents from different fields with the interest of product and service design. Kitchen Budapest provides the knowhow, the professional network and the funding of the projects.

An IOS task manager app designed especially for couples.
The revolution in gender roles is unfinished business. Creating balance in work sharing - rather than outsource cleaning and childcare and other gender-roles - is the best way forward for a family-friendly, more equal society.

Members / András Juhász, Bence Kornis, Anna Naszádi, Ádám Sándor
Captain of the team / Krisztián Kári Horváth

Boosting Doctor-patient Relationship by a medication tracking system and a related device.
Often it is difficult for patients suffering from chronicle disease, to control and properly dose their medications. By missing some pills without noticing, can culminate to false diagnosis by the doctor, which can lead to incorrect therapy and maybe to serious consequences. (It matters to the doctor, that the patient’s condition worsen because the drug has no effects or due to mishandling the pills.) Solving this problem, the team is developing an electronic system and a pill dispensing device, which anchors communication between doctor and patient, increasing the efficiency of their therapy.

Members / Tamás Gábor, Gergely Hetényi, Gergely Iványi, Gábor Németh, Dániel Vértessy
Captain of the team / Zsófi Ujhelyi

Bio-light experiments to glow your mind.
Bio-artists, biologists and environmental engineers have joined forces to create useful and machine-like functionality of modified living organisms, to blur the distinction between artificial and natural. Their aim was to further develop the bio-light concept based on the use of gene-modified bacteria in order to create a sustainable light source. They envisioned sustainable lifeforms, plants, bacteria, etc. acting as information sources and functional parts of the human environment, be that indoors or outdoors.
The project is a continuation of the work started at “bio.display”, aiming at creating a dynamic display made of fluorescent bacteria, started by Ákos Maróy under an Artist in Residence program at The Arts & Genomics Center in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Members / Ákos Maróy, Péter Kalmár, Tamás Koltai, Judit Pelikán, Balázs Tóth
Captain of the team / Judit Boros

Ocho Tonos.
Audible textile experiments.
Esteban De La Torre and Judit Eszter Kárpáti continued their many years of research in Kitchen Budapest. Their main topic is smart textiles, which they weave through with sensors, thermo chromic dye and micro controllers. In the five months of the program were exploring the relationship between sound and textiles, developed an auditory material and found appropriate uses for it like T-shirts and bags that also funcion as speakers.

Members / Esteban De La Torre, Judit Eszter Kárpáti
Captain of the team / László Kiss

Read more about the program and apply here:

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