40 minute race, beginning part was fun. I qualified P2 and finished P2. Eric Wong didn't qualify so he started at the back. John Huebner started P1 and I started P2 (in class). We had a great battle for the first few laps, then my overheating rear brakes came in to play again. I hit Huebner...ooops. After that, I decided to back off and just finish the race. But John and Eric never really left my sight so it was like there was a dangling carrot. Middle parts are kind of boring.

Highlights below:

3:55 brakes start to overheat and I'm doing everything I can to get slowed down and keep the car on track. It looks less dramatic than it was

6:45 - 8:15 Wong catches us. I catch a draft on John and pass him, Eric catches my draft, bumps me and we both get past John.

8:15 - 8:45 I hold the lead and hope that those two will battle and lose time

8:45 yeah, never mind I had no brakes again and lost two positions

12:05 I catch back up and make contact with Huebner going into 14a

27:20 Huebner has a nice 4-off giving me my spot back.

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