If you have a GoPro and you have not yet invested in any accessories (separate from the GoPro mounts) please look into GoPole. They are the “#1 selling third-party GoPro accessory brand worldwide.” And they are this for a reason. Aside from the highly functional and practical products they have designed and perfected, GoPole products are high quality and affordable.

We were lucky enough to try a few different products from GoPole, highlighting the Evo in the video, and mentioning a few others to follow in the write up. The Evo is versatile and sleek and while you can gain an extension of 26”, you’re also protecting your GoPro (it floats), and being non-invasive in your shots (the clear design makes this extension less obvious in shots). If you could only choose one GoPole accessory for your shooting needs, I’d say this should be the one.

But that’s a tough call… the Reach, also an extension mount, will give you 17-40” of extension. It also has a comfortable hand grip, safety strap, quality build, and easy to use adjustability. While it is white, it will get you some angles and extensions that wouldn’t be possible with the Evo.

The Grenade Grip, another sweet thing to add to your quiver, comes in handy when you’re packing light or just looking for a less drastic view of yourself and your surroundings. This is basically a hand held mount that is comfortable and simple. This mount will forever eliminate the finger-ruined corner. Tyson and I always have the hardest time taking pictures of the two of us because a finger usually ends up in the shot. We had some glorious photos from dirt biking in Western Colorado and the Utah desert but every single one of them had a little corner of skin. So frustrating! Not anymore.

GoPole makes an assortment of additional GoPro accessories and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase any of them. I often find that third party brands are not made with quality and care but this is the complete opposite of GoPole. I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve tried and won’t go anywhere without on of my extension poles.

For those of you that are on the fence about some sort of extension device for your GoPro, there are many spectacular reasons why you should try GoPole:

- The angles are phenomenal! Even if you’re not a very creative person, mess around with these and you are bound to find some creativity. The stability

- The stability in it of itself is worth it. Even if you don’t want to get super cool, amazing shots with your GoPro, please for the sake of those watching your content, the stability factor is huge! I found myself making some very stable pans this weekend (when I was on a moving boat/I have shakey hands already/I lose my balance when I’m staring at a screen). I was very impressed to say the least.

- Extra protection… each of the three mounts have a safety strap on the base and the Evo serves also as a flotation device. If you’re shooting on a boat, it makes sense to have the Evo attached.

If you have a GoPro invest in a GoPole extension mount. Your viewers will thank you, you’ll have a ton of fun, and you’ll pay for a quality made product (Oh did I forget to mention Free Shipping for all orders and Lifetime Warranty?)! Check them out!

Also, check out this quick little edit, which I shot entirely with the GoPole EVO mount attached!


The EVO: goo.gl/eZq7na

The REACH: goo.gl/iBs2Ua

The GRENADE GRIP: goo.gl/m4mvCY

More gear reviews: goo.gl/0x4zz

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