During the day Rotterdam is a busy city.
After the bombings in WO2 the city was almost completely demolished and because of this the city was resurrected almost completely in concrete and marble. The lights you see shining up at the end of the film is indicating the zone within what zone the bombs fell.

It's the only city with this kind of high rise buildings and large modern promenades in The Netherlands.

As soon as the night falls and the sun hides itself behind the concrete horizon; the city becomes quiet and desolate.

All of this was shot in two nights with the EX1 and edited in FCP. Only light grading done in post (some contrast here and there)
I also saturated some shots to make it look more desolate, sadly enough it also took the sparkle out some of the shots.

I am not sure about the edit, please comment on it, I have the feeling something doesn't fit or is missing...

Additional photography made by Joel Laumans (piksels.com)

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