PingPal is fast, most often "instant". But what does this mean in reality?
Performance in mobile networks and devices are dependent on so many parameters, like device architecture, OS, network bandwidth, carrier, network type, geography, device movement, the app itself, etc., so it is difficult to give clear measurable data.
So, we made a demo. A very simple app sending a message to all users to display or remove a popup. We implemented it on iOS, Android and JavaScript in a web browser and recorded the result so you can see for yourself.
Please note that the video has not been manipulated other than adding the layover texts. The performance is exactly what you can see in this video.
Equipment and network connections:
iPhone 3GS over WiFi
iPhone 4S over 3G
iPhone 5 over 4G
Sony Xperia X10 over WiFi
Safari on Mac over WiFi

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