Worldwide community of storytellers! is a new website where visitors can log in and progress the story in their own words. A worldwide story of unpredictable, funny and unlimited ideas for the world to create itself. Just simply start by singing up and finding a story to progress!


More things about us. We are unlike any-other social media website out there! The main goal of additale is to connect an endless, creative story globally, one user at a time. Please be respectful to other users and progress stories by following these guidelines.

What does it do?

Once you have found a story, you will see that the story isn't over yet. It's up to you to decide the hero's fate. You can enter in the text form what you think should happen.

Write, then submit, "Add to story" and right away you will see the paragraph you added in the story.

To create a new story, go to "Start New" at the menu bar and enter in the story title, introduction and genre in this form. Then submit, and hopefully the world will decide your story.

Its easy, fun and best of all, FREE!


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