When wind speed is doubled, power output is cubed. We "artificially" induce massive wind speeds by adding solar rotational power on the top- dome. Solar with wind on a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine produces exponentially more power. Here is the secret to expanding, growing and increasing your vertical wind power. Power is a $6 Trillion business a year. Let's grab a green sustainable-share of it with the power of the sun and wind combined. The world is ready and set for a rapid conversion from a fossil fuel-based energy and power economy, to one that is based on solar and wind energy.

We have published patents on this technology.

Rotating solar photovoltaics at high RPM's cools the cells and makes them more efficient at peak sunlight loads. We incorporate spinning solar cells at high velocity on wheels, wind turbines, and other hybrid power applications.
SEE: devonshirewellsford.com

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