Well, I didn’t get any angry e-mails or death threats, so I’m assuming that you folks liked our first videocast (or were at the very least willing to tolerate it). So we’re back with another. In this, our second installment in the Sushi series, we’ll be talking about how to make maki sushi, or rolled sushi. We’ll be making two of the most popular examples of this – kappa maki, or cucumber roll; and the infamous California Roll.

(By the way, if your rolls don't come out picture-perfect, don't sweat it. They may not make it onto the cover of Gourmet Magazine, but they should still taste pretty good, and sushi chefs have the advantage of YEARS of training to learn their craft).

(Also, to those of you wondering when Anime on the Cheap Part 2 is coming, the answer is – “sometime, hopefully soon.” I’m taking a break from audio podcasting mostly because I’m procrastinating, and also because I have fun new toys [video camera, mic, sushi making equipment, knives, etc.] to play with ;-) )

See the Otaku no Podcast website for full show notes, including links to some of the products mentioned in the video.


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