This is a short video essay on why the color of your bike is important, what it's like to get a high score on Defender, and how we can join in the ongoing fight against cancer.

You can learn more about my Pelotonia ride here:
To learn more about Brian Hake's battle with leukemia, check out videos we made in 2012: and re-cap here:

This was shot primarily on my iPhone, one afternoon in my garage, with the help of my 11-year-old daughter. Additional assets used were sourced from the The Commons pool of creative commons licensed photos on flickr, with special thanks to users elizabthp for permission to use her photo, Alistair McDermott, and/or photos searched via Google Images CC-licensed filter applied. Additional thanks to Jason Shaw for the CC-licensed "Running Water," and to the Prelinger Archive for stock footage sourced from the films "One Got Fat" (1962) and "Bicyce Today, Automobile Tomorrow" (1955).

"RUNNING WATERS" by Jason Shaw (

Prelinger Archive:
The Commons on Flickr:
Alistair McDermott:
Elisabeth P (Lizzie):

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