Dan Falk on the enigma of time

Time is at once intimately familiar and yet deeply mysterious. It is thoroughly intangible: we say it flows like a river – yet when we try to examine that flow, the river seems reduced to a mirage. No wonder philosophers, poets, and scientists from Aristotle to Einstein have grappled with the enigma of time for centuries. In this talk, science journalist Dan Falk explores some of the most intriguing aspects of time, the most curious of dimensions.

Dan Falk is an award-winning science writer, broadcaster, and author. He has written about science for the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, The Walrus, SkyNews, Astronomy, Sky & Telescope, and New Scientist, and has been a regular contributor to the CBC Radio program Ideas. (You may have heard his most recent Ideas program, which was on Galileo and the history of the telescope; it was called “Looking Up.”) His first book was Universe on a T-Shirt: The Quest for the Theory of Everything, and his most recent book, In Search of Time: Journeys along a Curious Dimension, was published in 2008 and was recently released in paperback. According to the Ottawa Citizen, In Search of Time “is what Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of Time should have been.”

Dan recommends:
* My book, In Search of Time, because it’s a fun read and I have to pay the rent.
* On a less self-serving note, let’s say The Labyrinth of Time by Michael Lockwood.
* The movie version of A Brief History of Time, directed by Errol Morris.

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