When our editing class in "film school" (British Columbia Institute of Technology) asked us to create 5 minute presentations for our final group project, we went straight for mockumentary. And seeing as The Life Aquatic had just come out, and we weren't very creative and we knew we were only being marked on how good the editing was, we went to Nicole's house to shoot with no script in mind and very few props and this is what transpired.

An allergic-to-salt-water Jacques Cousteau wannabe, a nudist pool maintenance executive, a Belarussian "safety technician" who tests water by pouring it from cup to cup, an indoor and outdoor test pool, a pizza server for an oar, a wet suit made by Maytag, nautonauts who major in underwaterology!

It's a look into the life of a man who is likely to great a genius for the world in which we live.

"Water gives us life. It is the source of our being. And to be inside the water, to be inside of life itself is just so gratifying."
-Jim O'Brien (aka Jacques Cousteau)

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