Introduction of the "Bio-likeness ー生命の片鱗ー" Exhibition
at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo in 2 to 8 June 2014.
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Bio-likeness - Extracting the Essence of Life -
The Japanese are well known for their passion for robots. It is said that their cultural characteristic of personificating artifacts and treating them like characters is the root of this love. Most of the situations where robots were seen as something alive has happened where engineers did not intend to do so. Although humans occasionally spot signs of life or intelligence within artifacts such as robots, experiments and researches to implement this psychological effect to artifacts with intension is limited in comparison.
We named the manner of artifacts that makes people feel the presence of life or intelligence as "Bio-likeness". This does not include replacing functions of life to mechanical system such as humanoids and dog robots. It aims to systematize the charm that sense of life, existing ubiquitously within mechanics, maxim, and software of artifacts, gives us with design.
The artifacts that Yamanaka design lab has created as a realization of Bio-likeness seems like a useless machine that makes an intriguing move. But we have believed that this research will become a basis of better communication between human and artifacts in the future, which also develops a new field of design at the contact point of cultural function and engineering function, and made prototypes until today.
Extracting elements from Bio-likeness and establishing design and design method for it. We think that this will lead to spreading of the autonomous artifacts and network robotics, which becomes a beginning of our days with robots we love.

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