Trailer Park: A Mobile Public Park
Trailer Park is a portable, natural, public park housed inside an 18' x 8’ x 7’ mobile repurposed travel trailer. The interior is fully planted, designed, and is a real park. Brick planter beds containing shrubs, rocks, trees and plants are complimented by masonry laid in the same tradition as public parks. Concrete and wooden benches invite visitors to rest and enjoy the park view. Skylights provide rays of sunlight beaming in, kissing the interior.

Trailer Park is a site of paradox. By combining the destination and the means to get there, with Trailer Park you walk inside to go outside. If you cannot go to the park, the park can go to you. A mobile metaphor, and a transcendent experience, Trailer Park cautiously asks where we will go when there is no more nature-and playfully answers the question for us. It taps into our collective anxiety about the future of our environment, while allowing us a lush and utopian reprieve. Its transformation is so complete; it brings nature to us, thereby making us the destination.

Since it's debut at The Storefront For Art and Architecture in 2006, Trailer Park has shown in Chelsea, Soho, The Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Bushwick, The Bronx, The Cooper Union and The Supreme Court at Foley Square.

Trailer Park continues to show on a regular basis and expand as a community based project and model.

Trailer Park will next be permanently set at 143 Stockholm Street as a part of the Xquizit Greens urban garden renewal project taking place in Bushwick, 2012.

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